Here at RGC we have an Eco-Solvent wide format printer that will allow us to print over a metre in width on Heavy Poster Papers, Wall Paper, Thin Plastics and selected fabrics/PVC & Mesh Banner Material.

To Work, It Has To Stick
The vast majority of images for outdoor display are printed on non 12243030_144690539220557_2316443120875022815_n absorbent, uncoated materials, such as self-adhesive vinyl and scrim banner. The resulting print has to be weatherproof, fade-proof and largely scratch-resistant. In order to meet these performance criteria, the inks use a colorant in the form of a pigment – a very fine powder – and as the media is nonabsorbent, a resin or glue literally is used to stick 12239618_144690545887223_2349970627240115075_n the pigment onto the surface.

The solvent is really a carrier fluid to keep the ink in liquid form for jetting, and once the ink has been applied, the solvent evaporates. Most printers use forced drying in the form of heat to speed up the process. Non-aqueous liquids are used for the carrier fluid or solvent, as it is easier to produce a waterproof image using resins that are not water-soluble.

This enables us to print Wallpaper, Large Signs, Banners and much more



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