We have been tinting vehicles of all shapes and sizes from our workshop in Rushden since 2010, Providing Style, Security and above all Safety to your vehicle.

Sunlight causes damage to interiors, and makes life uncomfortable for our families, pets, employees and customers.

The solution is to have window film fitted, which can filter sunlight or reflect it. Window film can also improve the safety of glass.

There is no doubt that installing window film is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your vehicle. You’ll notice straight away how stylish, elegant and prestige it looks.

-99% UV Protection

-70% Glare Reduction

-70% Solar Heat Reduction

– Increased Safety & Security


We offer a wide range of shades and colours of top quality film applied by fully trained installers, guaranteed as long you have ownership of the car.


– Reduces heat and glare Protects loved ones and pets from harmful UV rays

– Privacy for those inside the vehicle Security and safety as the film keeps the glass together in the event of an accident

– Above all, style!